08-10 JULY 2020




July 10 10:00-10:30

Speaking Topic: Research of High Performance Special Engineering Plastic 3D Printing

Wenzheng Wu : PhD, Professor, Doctoral supervisor. Jointly trained Ph.D. of Institute of Additive Manufacturing, Georgia Institute of Technology in USA. Deputy director of Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Jilin University. Long-term engaged in macro and micro additive manufacturing (3D printing) of advanced materials including high-performance alloys, smart materials, polymers, composite materials, biomedical materials and their related researches and applications in intelligent precision manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and related fields. Hosted the General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Science Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Sub-project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Special Research Fund for Doctoral Programs in Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education (New Teacher), Key Technology R&D Project in Jilin Province, International Science and Technology Cooperation Project in Jilin Province, Industrial Innovation Project in Jilin Province, Excellent Young Teacher Training Program (elite training) of Jilin University and other projects more than 10 items. As a major participant, he participated in the research of the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) and other projects. Published more than 30 academic papers, including SCI papers as the first/communication author more than 20 papers, the single highest SCI cited more than 100 times; the results were refered by top international journals such as Advanced Materials (IF: 25.809), Progress in Materials Science (IF: 23.75), Advanced Science (IF: 15.804). As the first inventor, he applied for 1 PCT international patent and more than 20 national invention patents, including 16 national authorized invention patents. Member of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Group and Intelligent Integration Technology Branch; Peer Reviewer of Mechanical and Information Science Discipline of National Natural Science Foundation Committee; Review Expert of the Ministry of Education Degree Center; Science and Technology Expert of Changchun; Daily work contact of the Director unit of China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance; Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Member of International Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Engineering Society; Senior Member of China Micron Nanotechnology Society; Executive Director of Additive Manufacturing Society in Jilin Province; the chairman of branch in the 16th International Manufacturing Conference in China (IMCC 2015) , etc.

The topic will including:

1. 3D printing of PEEK and PEEK composite material

2. 3D printing of PPS auto parts

3. 3D printing of high performance TPI and TPI composite material

Wenzheng Wu

Wenzheng Wu

Jilin University

Speaking Topic: Research of High Performance Special Engineering Plastic 3D Printing

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