08-10 JULY 2020




July 9 14:00-14:30

Speaking Topic: 3D Printing and its Offer of Innovation in Cardiac Care

During his career, Levin has been involved in education and training of physician, fellows and other allied healthcare professionals strongly focused on anatomical teaching. Over this period, he has designed and directed bioskills laboratory operations, compliance, staffing, equipment and financials as well as ensured regulatory compliance of all cadaveric specimens. Collaboration with physicians and medical device companies to conduct research and advanced education has resulted in development of training modules focused on physician education and training for the most current procedures and devices coming out onto healthcare arena. The development of complex anatomical models has been followed with creation, design and implementation of cadaveric perfusion models as a mechanism for medical device development and engineering, physician training, and interventional procedures. These models have included work in Structural Heart (such as Trans catheter Valve Repair and Replacement, Pericardial access for Left Atrial Appendage ligation, Left Ventricle apical access and closure, Venous to Arteries System cross over, Transseptal puncture, Septal Defects Closure), Coronary work (Radial Artery access, Chronic Total Occlusion), Heart Failure (Left Ventricular Assist Devices), Peripheral Cardiovascular work (Renal Artery stenting, Abdominal Aortic aneurysm repair, Femoral Artery closure, Femoral access for arterial and venous systems of the body) as well as other areas such as Orthopedics, Neuroscience, and General Surgery. His work performed so far has also been centered on creating new and innovative methods for clinician education mimicking their environment in operating room and cardiac catheterization labs. This has resulted in designing and engineering specialized holders and fixtures for improved CT and MRI data collection for cadaveric studies, trans-septal puncture simulation, and testing of anchoring and sealing of trans-catheter valve replacement devices. Over the last 6 years he has also been involved in a 3D printing and Virtual Reality programs that are being developed at the University of Washington. Levi is currently in charge of running a Center for CardioVascular Innovation and a co-director for Center for Multidimensional Medicine.

Topic will including:

1. cardiac care and current pathways

2. patient and disease modeling

3. future innovations

Dmitry Levin

Dmitry Levin

University of Washington Medical Center

Speaking Topic: 3D Printing and its Offer of Innovation in Cardiac Care

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