19 - 21 FEBRUARY 2020




February 21 14:30 pm -15:00 pm

Topic: 3D printing technologies for manufacturing ceramic components


-Introduction to ceramic materials and components and their importance in engineering applications.

-History and advances in R&D of major 3D printing technologies used for manufacturing ceramic components.

-Emphasis on the state of the art of photopolymerization-based ceramic 3D printing techniques and applications.

-Summary and outlook

Speaker's Biography:

Professor Zhangwei Chen, is currently the executive director of the Additive Manufacturing Institute at Shenzhen University and one of the leading 3D printing experts. Prof. Chen holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College London (2014), with his PhD thesis awarded the prestigious John Kilner Prize. He has been working on the fields of ceramic and inorganic materials and components, involving materials processing, advanced manufacturing and characterizations etc. He has spent over 10 years particularly on the research of 3D printing of ceramics and the property-structure relationships. Prof. Chen has involved in a number of projects in China and the UK, supported by NSFC, EPSRC UK, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City. He has published about 40 peer-reviewed articles in various top international academic journals including Acta Materialia, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Ceramics International etc. Some have been selected as front cover articles, feature articles and invited review articles. Prof. Chen works closely with domestic and overseas research institutes and companies related to 3D printing domains.

Zhangwei Chen

Zhangwei Chen

Additive Manufacturing Institute, Shenzhen University

Topic: 3D printing technologies for manufacturing ceramic components

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