Sponsorships & Advertising

Tailored packages to match your marketing strategy no matter you are 3D Printing Solution Provider, material company or the RP Service Center.

Lanyard、Badge、Carrier Bag Sponsor & Show Guide Ad

Best Choice to Expose Your Company to All 10,000+ Attendees  

Exculsive Badge Sponsor(Sold)¥25,000 CNY
Lanyard Sponsor(Sold)¥28,000 CNY
Exclusive Carrier Bag Sponsor (Sold)¥35,000 CNY
Carrier Bag Insert¥20,000 CNY

2 Hanging Ad and Corridor Ad

One Surefire Way to Drive Attendees to Visit Your Booth 

Corridor Ad  (4m*3m)¥15,000 CNY
Outdoor Ad outisde of North Entrance Hall(8m*5m)¥20,000 CNY
Outdoor Ad Pillar (5mW*3mH*4Sides) ¥10,000 CNY/side
Corridor Banner Ad  (5m*0.7m)¥3,000 CNY/Piece 
Phone Charging Kiosk with Digital Ad   ¥10,000 CNY 
LED Ad Display¥6,000 CNY/Day
Metro LED Light Box Advertising Display (4/5) ¥25,000 CNY 

Seminars、New Product Launch Press Confernece、TCT Introducing

Intergrate Your SPECIAL Marketing Campaign into TCT Asia

New Product Launch Press Conference(1 hour)¥30,000 CNY
TCT Introducing (20 min)¥10,000 CNY
Conference Room Rental(half-day)¥8,000 CNY