Introduction: As the first exhibition of 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2018, TCT Asia will be launched on March 1, 2018. Thanks to the presence of HP, Oerlikon, BASF, DuPont and other new Fortune 500 enterprises, the net area of exhibition booths in 2018 will increase by over 50% as compared to 2017. Moreover, TCT Asia Summit to be held in the same venue during the same period will offer a pre-exhibition kick-off meeting that is expected to extend the Summit duration from 3 days to 4 days. Please find below some of the fascinating highlights of TCT Asia 2018!

                                              TCT Asia 2017 attracted 12,641 visitors from all over the world

20% of the Global Top-50 Enterprises in the Chemicals Industry will Take Part in the Exhibition

 As the additive manufacturing industry grows stronger, traditional general-purpose plastics and nylons can no longer meet the market demand; meanwhile, the participation of HP has stimulated the further development of engineering plastics for 3D printing, which will turn TCT Asia 2018 into an arena for the top-50 chemical enterprises. The top-50 enterprises that have declared their decision to take part in TCT Asia 2018 so far include (the ranking is as per Chemical and Engineering News published in 2017) include BASF (ranking 1st with a sales amount of USD 60.7 billion), MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL (ranking 9th with a sales amount of USD 23.4 billion), DuPont (ranking 10th with a sales amount of USD 19.7 billion), Covestro (ranking 21st with a sales amount of USD 13.2 billion), Praxair (ranking 27th with a sales amount of USD 10.5 billion), DSM (ranking 33rd with a sales amount of USD 8.8 billion), Arkema (ranking 37th with a sales amount of USD 8.3 billion), Lubrizol (ranking 48th with a sales amount of USD 6.5 billion), and Clariant (ranking 50th with a sales amount of USD 5.9 billion).

 Witness A New Round of Competition in Asia among International Metal Additive Enterprises

 TCT Asia 2018 will witness the debut of GE in Asia after its integration of Concept Laser and Arcam. As a new pacemaker of metal additive manufacturing equipment, GE will attract attention regarding how to integrate its aviation resources in China, to reshape distribution and channels, and to re-formulate products line and pricing strategy. In addition, SLM Solutions made significant advances at the end of 2017 with the announcement of 120 machine sales from Beijing and Shanghai successively, which means several China-based agencies will face a new round of reshuffle; in the meantime, TRUMPF kept encroaching on the market by continuously releasing new solutions to metal additive manufacturing. The way EOS, Renishaw and 3D Systems deal with such changes is to be an interesting highlight as well.

 High Quality Desktop 3D Printers get more Competitive at TCT Asia

 At TCT Asia Chinese brands like Raise3D, INTAMSYS, Flashforge etc. stepped onto the global stage progressively and will once again make their case on home soil. They are on the way! Markforged, Zortrax and Ultimaker will take part in TCT Asia 2018 providing a good selection of international expertise to compete with the local companies. According to the latest statistics from Netherlands-based 3D printing marketplace, 3D Hubs, the delivery volume (online delivery only) of Ultimaker in 2016 ranked 1st, accounting for 10.3% of total sales of 3D printers, being equal to the sum of that of MakerBot (5.3%) ranking 3rd and Flashforge (5.1%) ranking 4th. Additionally, the market share of M200 from Zortrax, a Poland-based desktop printer manufacturer has also continued to grow over the last couple of years.

                                                                 Wrenches printed with Raise3D N2

 From Honeywell to LEGO, and from COMAC to PEAK, TCT Asia Summit will Show You the Tremendous Pace of Industry Application

 TCT Asia Summit has always been the best platform for learning about the progress of the global 3D printing industry. Whether you are from the sectors of aerospace, automotive, healthcare or machining, the TCT Asai Summit signposts the best use cases for your industry. For the aerospace session, there are presemtations from Ariane Group (formerly known as Airbus-SAFRAN), Honeywell, and COMAC; the medical session is led by Mayo Clinic and Loma Linda University (LLU); the FMCG session is represented by P&G, PEAK and HOYA. These leaders of their respective industries will show you how they take advantage of additive manufacturing to improve original technologies and production processes.

                              The venue of TCT Asia Forum 2017 was busy across the three days of the show

 Find the New Products Premiered to the Asia-Pacific Market

As one of the highlight features of TCT exhibitions across the globe, TCT Introducing was well received at TCT Asia, formnext and TCT Show. Through Introducing Stage the industry users, distributors, and agencies are able to efficiently learn about the latest solutions launched to the local market. In addition to Farsoon Technology who will launch its first product (high-temperature nylon 3D printing system with the world’s largest manufacturing volume and largest scan area designed with a molding cylinder of 1,000 x 500 x 450 mm in size) for continuous nylon additive manufacturing solutions (CAMS system) on the TCT Introducing Stage in 2018, Clariant Chemicals, DuPont, Shining 3D, TRUMPF, and Techgine Laser, etc. will release new materials and equipment too.

 Pre-registration for TCT Asia 2018 is now fully open. Those who make pre-registration now will get a free entrance ticket amounting to RMB 50, and may be fortunate enough to win an iPhone8 free of charge!

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