Shanghai-based 3D printing materials provider, Polymaker used TCT Asia 2017 as the platform to launch a new product family for its industrial customers.

Polymaker Industrial will target manufacturing and engineering clients looking for 3D printing materials and customised solutions. The announcement came just weeks after the company revealed it had received $5 million in a second round of Venture Capital funding. Polymaker believe the launch of this product family represents its ambition to become a leading company in industrial 3D printing.

Offering nearly 20 different materials, Polymaker Industrial boasts a wide range of raw materials suited to a variety of applications. The materials, which include PLA, ABS, PC (polycarbonate), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), Nylon, and PVB, offer many different properties and functions, from increased mechanical strength to improved flame retardance.

Many of the materials have been developed for very specific industrial applications. For example, PolyCast SP801C, which Polymaker first introduced last year, is a material developed specifically for investment casting applications, engineered for a clean burn out when fired in a kiln. This new technology is already being adopted on low production runs and can produce more complex geometries due to the nature of additive manufacturing.

Such is the mass adoption of 3D printing technology around the world, Polymaker felt it necessary to introduce this new product family.

“While the consumer & prosumer sector continues to do well, the growth in industrial sectors has been quite significant, as companies are now starting to really see the benefits of 3D printing such as design & manufacturing flexibility, customisation, shortening the supply chain, just to name a few,” said Dr Xiaofan Luo, the President of Polymaker. “Those industrial customers have more diverse and yet specific requirements on materials, and also the purchasing behaviour is different. Introducing Polymaker Industrial as a separate product family allows us to serve industrial customers in a much better and more efficient way.”

Polymaker Industrial was launched on 8th March to coincide with the first day of the third TCT Asia exhibition. This was the first exhibition where Polymaker displayed its products in a split booth, marking a clear distinction between industrial materials and consumer materials. Aiming to take advantage on the industrially-focused attendants that the TCT Asia show typically draw, Polymaker exhibited all week.

Dr Luo has also revealed companies have already had customers of its newly-launched product family. Having previously served a large number of industrial customers, including some Fortune 500 companies, Polymaker is a reputable product provider. Chinese cloud factory, which has the largest in-house 3D printing factory in the country, is the first customer of the Polymaker Industrial family.

“We are so pleased to have Polymaker Industrial as our partner,” said Mr Dean Lee, the CEO of 1001Hao. “The wide range of high-quality materials offered in the Polymaker Industrial range enables us not only to make top-quality parts consistently, but also develop new applications and expand into new markets that would not be possible before. This helps us offer our customers more solutions to their prototyping and production needs.”

Source: TCT Magazine