Topic:The Application Status of Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology in Mechanics

Outline:1)Review of traditional metal casting process 2)Application of metal additive laser technology3)Advantages of metal additive laser manufacturing technology 4) Technical problems of laser manufacturing of metal additive

From 1980 to 1985, Undergraduate study in the stomatology department of huaxi medical university;

From 1985 to 1993, The department of stomatology department of huaxi dental hospital was engaged in clinical medicine and teaching.

From 1994 to now, Set up Chengdu DT Dental Lab. Co., Ltd. Has been to Germany, the United States and Japan for learning and exchange of dental prostheses.

Member of the prosthodontics professional committee of Chinese Stomatological Association 

Director of the Sichuan Stomatological Association

Deputy-chair of  prosthodontics professional committee of Sichuan Stomatological Association

Deputy-chair of Private dental council of Sichuan Stomatological Association