Topic:Road to Industrialization for 3D Printing 

Outline:1)  Confluence of disruptive trends and how it is affecting the 3D Printing industry 2)  Challenges to industry adoption : Technological, Economics, Regulatory, Eco-system, Industry-specific 3)  Industry vertical approach and progress towards industry adoption 4) Recommendations and path-forward

Dr Ho Chaw Sing, Managing Director of NAMIC (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster), heads the Singapore government funded initiative to catalyse innovation and scale industrial adoption of additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) technologies. By focusing on industrial applications and translational R&D, together with commercial strategies to co-create innovative products and services, the national initiative aims to position Singapore as one of the leading digital manufacturing hubs in the era of digitalization and smart factories. Since its inception two years ago, NAMIC has raised more than $20 million in joint funding to support various AM initiatives across industry verticals.