Topic:From Optimization to Build Preparation and Process Simulation: An End to End Workflow for Additive Manufacturing with Netfabb.

Outline: Netfabb is an end to end solution for all additive manufacturing processes. From mesh repair and support generation, optimization of material properties with complex lattices through to simulation of the build process to predict build failure and thermal distortion, Netfabb has all of the tools required for repeatable, reliable additive manufacturing.

With a background in industrial design, academic research into the democratization of design through digital tools, experience building networks of engagement both online and in person, along with executing strategic partnerships between companies of all sizes, Duann specializes in quickly understanding emerging technologies and their potential impact on design, manufacturing, society and business.

Described by The New York Times as the “Pied Piper for on demand 3D Printing,” he has been recognized for his role in bringing 3D printing out of the back rooms of engineering firms, and into mass consciousness. He has worked with major brands, artists, designers and institutions, helping them incorporate digital manufacturing in an intelligent manner.

With experience building brands by networking and promoting the communities who engage in them, he connects designers, engineers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and material developers to create an ecosystem though business and social networks. This exposure with multiple aspects of the digital manufacturing ecosystem gives Duann unique insight to evaluate emerging technologies, from the technology itself, to the business potential and the social cohesion of the teams.

When not engaged in working to rethink and redefine design and manufacturing, Duann produces music in his home studio in Brooklyn, New York.