Topic:Surface Modification of Biomedical Titanium Alloys and PEEK

Outline:1) Biomaterials surface/interface and surface modification technologies 2) Surface modification of Biomedical Ti Alloys 3) Surface modification of Biomedical  PEEK 4) Potential application of surface medication in 3D Printing implants

Xuanyong Liu received his PhD in materials science and engineering from Shanghai Institute of Ceramic, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) in 2002, now is professor of SICCAS. He is the director of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Center and the head of the Biomaterials Surface Engineering Center  of Cixi, SICCAS. Prof. Liu’s primary research is focused on surface modification of biomaterials, he has published over 200 journal papers in international journals. In addition, he has edited and co-edited 4 books and granted 26 patents.