Topic:Application of Additive Manufacturing Technology in Field Test Equipment of Wind Turbines


1. Introduction on field test system of wind turbinesincluding necessity,  test method and equipment;

2. Introduction on air probes, including principle, interior structure and technical requirements;

3. Comparison of additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing in air probes application;

4. Application of additive manufacturing technology in the other equipment of wind turbines.

Wu Guangxing: received a Ph. D. in fluid mechanics from Beihang university in July, 2014, and then joined in the team of National Energy Wind Turbine Blades R & D Center in Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences so far. The work Mr. Wu mainly engage in is field test technology of wind turbines and research on aeroelastic behaviours of large bend-twist coupling wind turbine blades.  There are 8 papers published in academic journals and conferences in related fields at present, and 7 patents have been granted.