Topic 3D Printing Applications on Semiconductor Manufacturing

He is the only one has been severed in University, private sector and public diplomatic experience in Taiwan. He is currently serving the Dean of college of engineering at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology/ Taiwan Tech and the 3D printing fellow professor of XYZ printing Inc. He is also the founder and president of Taiwan 3D printing association and consultant to SAS wafer Taiwan. He was on leave from tech to serve as the diplomatic director of science and technology division in Taipei Moscow Representative Office in Moscow during Han 2010 till July 2012 and to establish and serve as the director general of Teco Group research institute Taiwan during 2005-2007. He graduated from National Cheng Kong University in 1985 in Tainan Taiwan for the engineering bachelor degree. And then he gained the advanced Manufacturing technology MSC from the University of Manchester in 1990 and Laser Material Processing PhD from the University of Liverpool in 1992. He was also the visiting scholar in UC Santa Barbara USA in 2002 and the Cambridge University UK in 2008.